Saturday, October 18, 2008


A sketch I did about 2 weeks ago at work. god I like my job!

Samurai sketch

A few friends and I were having a drawing session at my place and one of the themes were samurai. We came up with some pretty kool sketches, so I wanted to show you guys what I came up with.


These are two characters I came up with about 2years ago so I decided to sketch them and get familiar with them again. They're both alien bounty hunters but not on the same team. I guess you could say their rivals. I do plan on developing these guys further so keep an eye out for them and their crew.


Just a sketch I did about a month work.

Sketches 2!

These are some other sketches that were done at work but on different days. I seem to have alot of down time at work. LOL! Enjoy!


These are just some heads I drew While I was waitng for the bus to leave. Have you guys ever had people watch you draw and then when you look up they turn their heads away?

Sketching at work!


What's up everybody! I know, I know...It's been a while since I've posted anything but hey, I'm back now! So, these are two random sketches I did while I was at work. I like the human character so I chose to develope him a little more. I also developed the monster as well, but for some reason I can't find the sketch. Anyway that will be posted soon. Hope you guys like it.